Welcome to GracePointe

Welcome to!!  Welcome to my new blog!  It is my goal to share on this blog at least once a week, so I hope you will subscribe and keep coming back.


We are in some exciting times at GracePointe.  Seriously!  All of our numbers are up and God is blessing in such a powerful way!  It is so much fun to show up on the church campus and feel the presence of God collectively among our church family.  Growth is awesome!  However, with grown comes great challenges.  Some of the challenges we are facing seem minor but are crucial to our growth.


Space – Even though our worship space is plentiful right now, it will only take about 50 more people before we begin to feel full.  It is a proven fact, that when we reach 80% capacity, (240) we should already have a plan to add another worship service.  We have the space in the Pointe, but just adding the service will bring a whole new set of needs.  Please be in prayer about the future.  I can see us reaching 200 consistently by Easter.  Also, we have the entire 2nd floor where we can expand for Life Groups (Sunday) but it is currently occupied by Stonehaven School.


Workers – We need to have a full offering of ministry on Wednesday evening for our children and student ministry.  Ideally this ministry would span 2 hours:  from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.  Our growth problem is that we do not have enough workers in any of these age groups.  Please pray that the Lord of the harvest would send workers into this mission field to help in these ministries. More workers means reaching more people!


Unity – growth brings new people.  Most of the people who have joined GracePointe over the past two years have been from other churches who have come to a church that merged over 10 years ago.  The tendency is to label them by the church from which they came.  “Those are Mableton people, those are Rose Lane people, those are Crestview people, those are Roswell Street people.”  Get the idea? Here is the truth:  YOU ARE ALL NOW GRACEPOINTE PEOPLE!  God has placed us all here with different gifts and talents for one purpose – To glorify God. His desire is for us to take the Great Commission seriously and in UNITY move in His will.  There will be new ideas, new ways of doing ministry, new people heading up old ministries, etc.  We must not allow Satan to come between us!  We have too much of VISION 2023 to complete!


Resources – with growth comes financial needs.  God has blown me away as I think about how God has blessed us financially.  Two gifts alone brought us over $400,000 in revenue.  Through wise financial management we have been able to accomplish some upgrades to our church campus.  Much needed roof repairs, office renovations, fresh paint, lighting, and more.   We have also been able to add two full time staff members.  Both areas of their ministry, worship and students have started to grow.  (See workers) It takes financial resources to fund these ministries.  Please pray for God’s continued blessing in this area!


As I said earlier, check back for updates and exciting news!  And remember, I love you!  I really do!


Pastor Tim